Are you wondering what is a "Fizzy Salt?"   It's a blend of bursting fizz that instantly releases an ocean of scent into your bathroom, married to Sea Salt to help with sore muscles and rejuvinate the body.     Remember the tang of the sea at the beach? It's a mix of the sea's treasures of seaweed, salt, and ocean water.

Imagine yourself in an ocean of azure blue, and the oceans gifts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients of the sea leaving your skin feeling soft, the body feeling refreshed, and the spirit of your soul is reawakened.


This scent is perfect for one, or for a romantic "Treasure Time" with a loved one.

Feel the Sea.   Feel Refreshed.

Sea Treasures Fizzy Salt


    This fresh azure blue watery fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with beach salt and sea cucumber.

  • TO USE

    Begin pouring a bath.   Fizzy salts immediately fizz once added into the water.  You have two choices on when to add them to your bath.  You may add fizzy salt while the bathtub is filling, or may wait until you are seated in the tub to add the fizzy salts.  

    The instant fizz action emits a bloom of scent into the bathroom for an aromatherapy bath. Two oz is a suggested amount, however, you can adjust up or down based on personal taste.   Enjoy! 


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