Remember the way the air smells on a summer morning?  Fresh, crisp, with the smell of peaches ripening you can almost feel the juicy peach dripping down your hand.   The heady mix of Jasmine and Lillies from one neighbor mixes with the scent of white roses on your front porch.   So delicious, so tempting, it's such a classic scent for a fizzy bath salt!

Jasmine & Roses Fizzy Salt

Multiple Bar Discount

    This is a classic and sophisticated melange of citrus, peach and rose with jasmine and lily notes.

  • TO USE

    Begin pouring a bath.   Fizzy salts immediately fizz once added into the water.  You have two choices on when to add them to your bath.  You may add fizzy salt while the bathtub is filling, or may wait until you are seated in the tub to add the fizzy salts.  

    The instant fizz action emits a bloom of scent into the bathroom for an aromatherapy bath. Two oz is a suggested amount, however, you can adjust up or down based on personal taste.   Enjoy!